7PM Group, LLC (7PM) is a minority-owned consulting firm and diversity champion that works mainly in the construction sector. 7PM Group has three divisions: inclusion and diversity consulting, strategic product sourcing, and project management

As today’s marketplace increasingly focuses on the significance of equity, diversity and inclusion, 7PM Group stands ready to enable its clients to increase their minority spend and gain access to 7PM Group’s growing list of minority-owned businesses.

7PM Group’s functionally integrated platform of business services is designed to enable efficient delivery of our offerings. The benefits of this functional integration model were realized by members of 7PM Group’s leadership who worked on the $2.3 billion dollar Ohio River Bridges Project. That successful experience led to establishment of 7PM Group using this foundational method of operations.

With our combined business strengths and extensive business community relationships, 7PM Group’s leaders seek to encourage a level playing field for minority-owned businesses as we connect project owners and contractors and provide professional business support and quality assurance to all parties throughout the duration of a project.

7PM Group’s growing list of clients include:

  • Jefferson County Public Schools, Diversity & Inclusion Office

  • Beecher Terrace Redevelopment Project

  • OneWest Louisville

  • LexTran 

  • Louisville Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project (LSIORBP)









With an ever-changing business landscape, it is critically important to make sure all businesses have the same access to opportunities. In particular, racial equity and diversity initiatives are gaining notice throughout the business world as crucial objectives to achieve.

There must be intentional efforts and sincere commitment in order to meet racial equity, diversity and inclusion goals across the spectrum of business opportunities. There also must be transparency in how equity, diversity and inclusion efforts are pursued, managed and publicly communicated to prove an evolution in business practices.

Success in this arena requires a change agent. 7PM Group is that change agent. We work to achieve a level playing field in the equitable access to business opportunities by adhering to four key tenets:


7PM Group provides accountability to make sure the right people are at the right table for the fair assignment of contracts and projects with an eye on ensuring participation by minority- and women-owned businesses that are ready and able to execute the work at hand.


Many minority business owners do not have relationships that get them to the table. They often don’t have more because they don’t know more — whether that’s not being aware of the right players, the rooms to be in, or even the deals that are happening around them. 7PM Group is that connector.



Founding a business is a big step for someone with a particular talent or trade or expertise. But most company owners are not well versed in all aspects of operating a business. They need support. That’s where 7PM comes in. We provide advisory services for minority-owned businesses at all levels of deal flow and operations to help companies meet contract specifications and maintain sound business practices.


A common theme in today’s marketplace is that there is not enough representation of people from diverse backgrounds in the business world. To be better, we must do better. 7PM will speak up and have tough conversations to create environments conducive to an honest exchange of ideas about the importance of diversity and inclusion.




“A smart person finds the power source to plug into to get more information. You need to find that entity called 7PM and you need to find those experts that know this work and plug into them. Sometimes it’s not as much about having to figure it out yourself as being shown the way. What 7PM does is show you the way. There is nobody who understands this work better.”
— Dr. John Marshall Chief Equity Officer Jefferson County Public Schools

“Many of the entities that have set up diversity goals and mandates have no accountability nor monitoring to enforce it. Thus, there is no compliance. Minority-owned businesses have long shouted about the unfair practices they have endured due to the lack of accountability that the business community has turned a blind eye to. At 7PM Group, we intend to change the status quo.”
— Carl Brazley CEO 7PM Group, LLC

“What we have done — I call it the glue. We are the liaison between the owner to the general contractor to make sure that they fully understood the expectation and how the process would work, how ¬to engage us, how we could help them. There’s a ton of accountability.”
— Vincel Anthony President 7PM Group, LLC





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